Our Services

Regal Billing, LLC is a medical billing company that renders full or partial billing services to providers and facilities of any specialty. We can submit Professional (HCFA), and Institutional (UB) claims, and our main goal is to simplify our client’s billing process to ensure that they are paid in a timely manner. Please see below for a brief description of each service.

Regal Medical Billing Claims

Claims Submission

  • Submit a provider’s claims electronically (or by paper if necessary) through our clearinghouse and verify that they were accepted into the payer’s system.

  • Send email notifications to the provider after each submission.

  • Submit secondary and/or tertiary claims.


  • Follow up on Denied claims.


  • Notify providers of changes in the healthcare industry.


  • Full Paneling

  • Update Provider Demographic Information

  • Link New Providers to Existing Practices

  • Help Set Up EFT and Payer Portal Logins

Full Service Billing

  • Verification of Benefits

  • Claims Submission

  • Claims Reconciliation

  • Insurance Payment Posting

  • Follow-up and Resolve Denied Claims

  • Credentialing

Get Started Now

We offer a one-month free trial period for any provider who is interested in utilizing our services. We also give our providers the option of signing a contract if they choose to, although there is no long-term commitment required. A provider can stop using our services anytime they wish with no penalty.

So if you’re interested in finding out more able our services then please feel free to CONTACT US today!